Zogoflex Air

Boz More information Boz + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Do you have a ballball at home? Then you need Boz. A ball that your darling will immediately fall in love with. Boz is exactly 1125 times better choice than an ordinary tennis ball. It does not contain any toxic substances and mainly does not abrade tooth enamel. from 16.10
Dash More information Dash + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Frisbee Dash has an aerodynamic shape, thanks to which it throws and flies perfectly. Thanks to the hole in its center and thick edges, dogs are easily picked up from the ground. Touching Dash is a delight for dogs and their owners. For water games, Dash is a "must have" option. from 25.15
Wox More information Wox + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball We couldn't figure out if Wox was an octopus, crackling, jellyfish or modern art. What we know reliably is that both dogs and owners love him. The unconventional shape makes each impact a small adventure. Wox is great for water, because thanks to three large areas of dogs, it pulls out perfectly when swimming. Like other toys in the Zogoflex Air range, the Wox has a foam structure that makes it soft, flexible, yet strong enough. 25.15