What collar do you want to borrow?

Do you want to try the collar for 30 days? If they do not work for you, we will refund your money. Don't you believe? Read more ...

If you are hesitant about buying an electronic collar, either because you do not know how your dog will react or you are worried about whether the electronic collar will work for your dog, we give you the opportunity to try the electronic collar for 30 days.

We offer many types of electronic collars, which you can buy from us. Since we know that buying a collar is not a cheap affair, we offer you the opportunity to try the collar for free. You can try not only the control of the collar, but also the reaction of your dog.

We will always send you NEW goods. If the collar works for you, you can keep it right away and if not, you will simply return it to us.

Explanation - the difference between borrowing for 30 days and returning the goods within 14 days:

When renting, it is necessary to specify that you can try the goods with us for a month (even longer by agreement). Throughout the rental period, we are on the phone for you 24 hours a day for advice on dog training. If the goods show signs of wear after this time, in most cases we do not even solve it. So our services are something extra and we definitely do not force them on anyone.

If you decide to return the collar after a month, we only charge postage:

  • Postage is 80 CZK if you have paid for the goods to the account in advance or by fast online payment
  • We charge CZK 150 for goods sent cash on delivery
  • When handed in in person, the loan is completely FREE

By law, every customer has the right to withdraw within 14 days . I quote: "The customer can only try the goods in two weeks, but not use them. The code thus also prevents shops from becoming rentals." This means that every customer has the right to demonstrate the product and this is not possible in e-shops, so there is a protection period for the customer to try the product. However, the trial is not a 14-day (multi-day) use.

I believe that this explanation has understood the difference between borrowing and returning goods within the 14-day period imposed by law.