Tractive GPS Tracker TRDOG1

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GPS locator with integrated SIM card, free application for Android, iOS and web, battery lasts up to 5 days, weight 30 g, recommended for dogs weighing> 4 kg, waterproof for short-term immersion in water (IPX7), shockproof, easy accessible port for charging, when the battery capacity drops to 10%, the device sends a notification to your phone. More information

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Smart GPS dog collar

With the help of the GPS collar for dogs Tractive, you can monitor the movement of your pet in real time and display its exact location on the display of a smart mobile device or in a web browser. The Tractive GPS locator has a number of advanced functions with the option of setting up a virtual fence, displaying the history of movement or monitoring the dog's daily activity.


Key features of GPS collar for Tractive dogs

  • Real-time dog tracking
  • Durable and practical collar holder
  • Can be placed on collars up to 2.5 cm wide
  • Tractive GPS mobile application (Android, iOS)
  • Monthly tariff payment for GSM services from CZK 105 without other fees and contracts
  • Display your current distance from the animal
  • Waterproof IPX7 design
  • Virtual fence functions
  • Record of animal activity, including movement history
  • Ability to share the animal's location with other users
  • Rechargeable batteries lasting 2-5 days

Monitoring of daily activity

The Tractive GPS collar is designed for dogs weighing over 4 kg. In addition to the current location of the pet, you will also get a detailed overview of its daily activity, including information on where and how often it moves. Use the virtual fence feature to define a safe zone where the dog can move, and if it crosses its boundaries, you will immediately receive a notification on your mobile phone.




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Real-time location tracking Virtual fence Motion history recording


Durable construction

The collar is powered by an integrated battery with a life of 2-5 days. If it is time to recharge it, you will be notified in advance via the mobile application. Charging the battery does not take more than 3 hours. The Tractive GPS collar for dogs is 100% waterproof when immersed in water for a short time (IPX7 protection) and the durable design protects it from almost any mechanical damage.


Worldwide connection

The Tractive GPS locator is equipped with an integrated SIM card, which ensures data transfer of the pet's position to your mobile phone. The monthly fee for transferred data is 105 CZK in the case of the Basic tariff . Thanks to the support of several GSM network providers, the collar works in more than 150 countries around the world, so you can use it on a holiday together with your pet.


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