Receivers for electronic training collars D-control AQUA

The advantage of all electronic training collars from the Czech company DOGTRACE is that all spare parts can be obtained.

Our devices normally "live" 10 - 15 years and it is no exception that they are used for future generations of dogs.
For this reason, you will undoubtedly appreciate the availability of all spare parts that we keep in stock at all times.
Our devices are therefore literally immortal .

Collar for another dog d-control AQUA spray More information Gift for free Free transport 3 year warranty  Temporarily unavailable Collar for another dog d-control AQUA spray + FREE Lithium battery CR2 3V The d-control AQUA spray training collar is an effective tool for training not only more sensitive dogs. The AQUA spray training collar helps you to humanely make corrections of unwanted behavior at the right time at a distance of 300 or 900 m (depending on the type of transmitter). 75.07