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Jive More information Jive + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Ball fanatics, get smart! Dogs love to chase after these radiant, jumping creatures. Like other toys in the Zogoflex range, these balls are resistant to stubborn bites. At the same time, they are a healthier variant of tennis balls. They do not abrade the teeth of dogs and, unlike tennis shoes, they do not contain any toxic substances. The swimsuit and small size will also fit into a regular "thrower" of tennis shoes. from 12.53
Hurley More information Hurley + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball It's a ball. It's a stick. It's a bone. Hurley is a versatile durable toy. It is one of the most popular toys in the Zogoflex series. It will take care of your hours and hours of fun for your hafans. Hurley is durable, swims and can be put in the dishwasher. Hurley is a safe alternative for dogs who love throwing sticks. It is light, has round ends and is safe to fetch, unlike a stick! Fetching is great fun and playing together will strengthen your relationship with your dog! from 12.92
Rando More information Rando + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Rando is a great choice for dogs who love fetching balls. Rando's hollow dog can squeeze it all the way. Thanks to its flexibility, it is also a great choice for small puppies and old dogs. The Small size fits into a ball thrower. from 15.67
Boz More information Boz + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Do you have a ballball at home? Then you need Boz. A ball that your darling will immediately fall in love with. Boz is exactly 1125 times better choice than an ordinary tennis ball. It does not contain any toxic substances and mainly does not abrade tooth enamel. from 16.06
Rumpus More information Rumpus + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Rumpus is a toy from West Paw for fierce bites and rodents. It has three parts that entice you to bite, and when it falls, it bounces off in all directions. We think he'll be able to confiscate your hair for a long time. from 16.45
Zisc More information Zisc + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Zisc is not like other frisbee. Zisc is created for endless hours of fun in the clouds. Ziscu material resists teeth well, but despite this it is gentle on dog gums. He jumps, swims, flies! Zisc is an indispensable companion for your frisbee games! from 17.24
Bumi More information Bumi + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball We have good news for all passionate fighters. You will definitely not be bored with Bumi! A durable toy that stretches up to twice its length. It is suitable for fetching, pulling and playing in the water. Thanks to the "S" shape, it throws nicely, jumps and stretches. from 17.24
Tizzi More information Tizzi + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Tizzi combines the most popular dog shapes of dog toys. Hide goodies in it, throw it and drag about it. Want to make the game even more fun? Cross Tizzi's legs, throw him and let your hairy guess where Tizzi will probably bounce. Tizzi jumps, swims and is durable enough. from 18.81
Tux More information Tux + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball The most durable puzzle toy in our offer. Tux can withstand even the sharpest fangs. You can fill it with granules, canned meat or meat and your hairy man has fun (and you have peace of mind). Don't want to fill Tux? It does not matter! It swims, flies, jumps and withstands even fierce biting. from 19.60
Qwizl More information Qwizl + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Qwizl is an interactive filling puzzle toy that employs the brain and jaws of your hairy man. Fill it with whatever your dog likes. Qwizl will keep your friend confiscated for several hours. Don't be afraid of durability, just like other toys from the Zogoflex series, it is suitable for the toughest bites and destroyers. And when the rewards run out? Never mind, feel free to let the dog play. from 19.60
Toppl More information Toppl + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Toppl is a durable filling puzzle toy that you can fill with anything your hairdresser likes. Inside Toppl there are small tentacles that hold the inserted treats. Thanks to that, they don't fall out right away and the fun is longer and more interactive for your hairy guy. If taking out treats is still easy for him, you can combine one Toppl small and one large to create an ingenious puzzle that offers countless combinations for puzzle games and puts no limits to your imagination. from 21.56
Rumbl More information Rumbl A filling toy that rolls and treats still fall from it. The toy is soft, easy to bite and durable at the same time. from 21.56
Zwig More information Zwig + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Zwig is a flexible toy replacing wooden and very dangerous sticks. Zwig is hollow so it can be squeezed. It is also a great choice for small puppies and old dogs. Thanks to its unique shape and material, it is also an irresistible chew toy. Does your dog like tugging? Zwig is resilient enough to handle even the wildest games in your wildest imaginations. 24.31
Dash More information Dash + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball Frisbee Dash has an aerodynamic shape, thanks to which it throws and flies perfectly. Thanks to the hole in its center and thick edges, dogs are easily picked up from the ground. Touching Dash is a delight for dogs and their owners. For water games, Dash is a "must have" option. from 25.09
Wox More information Wox + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball We couldn't figure out if Wox was an octopus, crackling, jellyfish or modern art. What we know reliably is that both dogs and owners love him. The unconventional shape makes each impact a small adventure. Wox is great for water, because thanks to three large areas of dogs, it pulls out perfectly when swimming. Like other toys in the Zogoflex Air range, the Wox has a foam structure that makes it soft, flexible, yet strong enough. 25.09