Other tools WITH

On foot Ringo More information On foot Ringo On foot is a basic and in practice indispensable tool for practicing bites. It can also be used as a reward or motivation when practicing districts or some obedience exercises, or you can just drag with your dog for fun. from 4.08
Biting cylinder with treat container More information Biting cylinder with treat container The biting roller with the treat container can be filled with food, treats or whatever your dog likes best and then closed on one or both sides with a treat directly intended for this roller (see Starmark toy treat). Treats can also be inserted upside down for a more challenging game. This toy offers hours of mental stimulation, reduces the dog's destructive behavior caused by boredom. from 7.01
Bob-a-lot, a toy with a feed dispenser More information Bob-a-lot, a toy with a feed dispenser The Bob-a-lot toy has two variable holes, for which the required size and thus the degree of difficulty can be set. As soon as the dog tries to turn the Bob-A-Lot toy over with his nose or paw, the toy will stand up again due to the load at the bottom. The rocking of the toy guarantees ideal fun for your dog with a reward! from 15.60