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Jawz is the most durable dogfrisbee disc of all, it flies beautifully and can withstand dog teeth bites like no other. It was made honestly and with quality in the USA. More information

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Jawz discs have a great patented Hyperflite grip surface on the top and bottom, which allows for a secure grip in all conditions.
All Jawz drives are equipped with Hyperflite X-Flash ™ Anti-Glare Technology. *

This product is intended for dogs (and their people). It is not a toy, but a sports aid.
So never leave it unattended for dog teeth, there is a risk of injury.

Jawz discs do not float in water.

Weight: 145 grams
Size: diameter 22.22 cm


* Patented X-Flash Anti-Glare technology is related to light reflection - if the disc is too shiny, it will essentially temporarily blind the dog. He then does not catch the best thrown disc and the closer the disc is to the dog, the greater the chance of "blindness".
What does a perfect disc texture look like? It must be dull enough to absorb the sun's rays, but at the same time soft enough to the dog's teeth. And that's what X-Flash is!