Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker - GPS locator for dogs

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Miniature GPS for dogs or cats. - waterproof - 3 years of free operation (next year costs 250 CZK / year) - endurance per charge up to 3 months More information

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What can you expect from the Invoxia locator?

Without the use of a mobile network, paired with the application, the Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker will become the guardian of your pet. On the map with labels you can follow the movement of the animal, or records of its activity and sleep.

In its class, the Pet Tracker from Invoxie is the lightest, most compact and most self-sufficient geolocation solution. Thanks to the enclosed handles, you can easily place the locator on a collar or harness of any size. Without exaggeration, you can follow the points of movement of both the cat and the horse.

With a battery that lasts 1 - 3 months on a single charge, the Pet Tracker is the ideal solution for pet owners who require an easily accessible overview of their pet's movements. You can find out about the discharging battery from the notification on your mobile phone and it will take about an hour to recharge.

Everything has its advantages, but also disadvantages, this tracker sends information about the position every 3-10 minutes during the pub.
So it's not as accurate as tractive GPS locators that send location information every few seconds. For this, this tracker will reward you with an incredible endurance of up to 3 months on a single charge.
3 years of free operation is also an advantage. After 3 years, you have to pay 240 CZK per year, which is a negligible amount compared to competing products.

This GPS is not only for dogs or cats, but you can also track your children, car, laptop bag, bike and much more with it.


Observe your dog's habits

The basis of your observations will be clear graphs and a map with precise points and marked the most probable trajectory of the animal's movement. You don't have to look for coordinates or process data.


  • Set notifications to change the activity of the animal (notification after 2 minutes of movement)
  • Ideal for tracking the exact location of an animal at set intervals
  • Create a virtual fence (for example, around a cottage or park), which you will learn about by exceeding the notification
  • Find places that your pet likes
  • Activity indicators allow you to better understand what influences your pet's behavior
  • You also have a notification to change the movement (activated by at least 2 minutes of movement)


How does the Sigfox network relate to the locator?

Sigfox broadband is an alternative to, for example, mobile or Wi-Fi networks. The operation of GPS locators and other IoT devices is enabled by specific network features, such as wireless connection, low power consumption and the transmission of a small amount of data over any distance.

Download Invoxia GPS application

invoxia-gps-pet-tracker-gps-lokator-pro-psy-12.png Free Invoxia GPS application for iOS (from version 10.0) and Android (from version 5.0). The application includes 2 monitoring modes with intervals of 5 and 10 minutes. It alerts you to a low battery and allows you to subscribe to network usage after the three-year period.

The Invoxia GPS application allows you to use it thanks to the tracker

  • Watch the animal at regular intervals
  • Track movement history
  • Set up virtual fences - a notification will come when your pet enters or leaves the designated zone
  • Arrange additional subscriptions (9.99 EUR / year)
  • View the duration of the activity and the distance covered
  • Check the animal's sleep index
  • View data in a graph for a week, month, and year
  • Invoxia GPS uses the Sigfox and LoRa networks
  • Display current data at any distance
  • The application monitors the state of the locator battery - creates a notification when it drops below 20%
  • Does not require a SIM card

Summary of the main features of the locator

  • Display of the animal's position without distance limitation
  • Suitable for cats, dogs and small pets
  • Place on a collar of any size
  • Operation in the Sigfox network for 3 years included
  • Then an annual subscription of EUR 9.99 per year
  • Notification when battery charge drops below 20%
  • Geolocation - capturing the exact points of occurrence of the locator on the map
  • Virtual fence (Geofence) with notification when it is exceeded
  • Adjustable monitoring intensity of 5 and 10 minutes (affects battery usage)
  • Invoxia GPS application free download for iOS and Android
  • CES 2019 Innovation Awards
  • The Bluetooth locator uses a wireless connection to pair with the application
  • It uses the Sigfox broadband network
  • It also uses the LoRa network to improve signal availability

Technical parameters

  • It uses a secure communication channel
  • Dimensions: 42 x 24 x 17 mm
  • Weight 15 g
  • LED battery status indicator (flashing 1, 2 and 3 LEDs correspond to 0%, 50% and 75%; LED is lit - fully charged)
  • Certified watertightness up to 1m (IP67 protection)
  • Charging the rechargeable battery via the micro USB cable (included) takes approximately 60-90 minutes
  • Battery life depending on usage 1 - 3 months

What you will find in the package

  • Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker
  • Collar clip with cutout for widths up to 15 mm, up to 33 mm
  • Loop for hanging the locator
  • Micro USB - USB charging cable
  • Manual


Click on the map to enlarge or directly check the coverage at your address HERE

Color: Black