GPS collars for dogs on SIM

GPS device with SIM. The advantage of these devices is accuracy (per meters) and speed of position update (every 2 seconds). You will always see where your dog moves on the map base. The tax for accuracy and quick position updates is the endurance of this device. The device lasts in operation for about 7 days on one charge (the exception is Tractive XL, which has a duration of 6 weeks). In addition, it is necessary to pay a monthly flat rate of approximately CZK 100 per month for its operation.


Tractive GPS Tracker TRDOG1 More information Free transport  In Stock Tractive GPS Tracker TRDOG1 + FREE AirDog whistling tennis ball GPS locator with integrated SIM card, free application for Android, iOS and web, battery lasts up to 5 days, weight 30 g, recommended for dogs weighing> 4 kg, waterproof for short-term immersion in water (IPX7), shockproof, easy accessible port for charging, when the battery capacity drops to 10%, the device sends a notification to your phone. 55.31