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Vyčesávací hřeben FOOLEE (Velikost M)
  • Vyčesávací hřeben FOOLEE (Velikost M)
  • Vyčesávací hřeben FOOLEE (Velikost S)
  • Vyčesávací hřeben FOOLEE (Velikost L)
  • Vyčesávací hřeben FOOLEE (Velikost XL)
  • Vyčesávací hřeben FOOLEE (Detail)
  • Vyčesávací hřeben FOOLEE (Barevná provedení)
  • Vyčesávací hřeben FOOLEE (Srovnání čepelí)

Precise combing comb FOOLEE Combing your dog with FOOLEE combs has never been easier! 10 colors, 4 different sizes New technology enabling extremely efficient combing and brushing. Simple and easy to use, effortless combing. More information

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S - 4.5cm
M - 6.5 cm
L - 10cm
XL - 13cm

Combing your dog with FOOLEE combs has never been easier!

New technology enabling extremely efficient combing and brushing.
Simple and easy to use, effortless combing.

Significantly higher speed of hair treatment:

  • for short-haired and long-haired breeds.
  • for combing out very neglected hair and for the final adjustment to the exhibition.
  • it also partially removes dust - the hair is almost like a bath after combing.
  • Gentle on hair and skin.
  • Animal-friendly - does not pull or scratch the skin when combing.
  • Interchangeable blades of 4 sizes made of high quality stainless steel - for animals from hamster to horse size.

For a quick acquaintance with the product, its use and advantages, we really recommend looking at this illustrative example.


XS - blade width 3.1 cm: small animals, rabbits, ferrets, etc. up to about 5 kg: finishing of legs, ears and tails of dogs and cats.
S - blade width 4.5 cm: small breeds of dogs up to about 10 kg
M - blade width 6.5 cm: medium breeds of dogs up to about 25 kg
L - blade width 10 cm: large breeds of dogs up to about 40 kg
XL - blade width 13 cm: giant breeds of dogs over 40 kg, horses

Detail information:

  • Blades adapted to the size of the animal: dogs of various breeds, cats, rabbits, rodents, horses….
  • High efficiency and speed of work - you will prepare the dog for the show in a fraction of the previously needed time.
  • Perfect product geometry: the working angle of the blade determined on the basis of detailed studies for maximum efficiency.
  • Ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in the hand.
  • Perfect balance of the blade and handle.
  • Partially retracted blade for optimal comb stability.
  • Comb blade with rounded shape: safety for animals.
  • Precise choice of materials: soft touch (anthracite) and ABS (colored part of the handle).
  • Handles and blades can be purchased individually.
  • Brass inserts for screwing and holding the blade.
  • Perfect design tools.
  • Innovative design: unique at first glance.
  • Attractive appearance, varied color palette.
  • Protected industrial design No. 00108329.
  • Each part of the comb is marked with the FoOlee mark to prevent copying.
  • Tested in France under official state supervision by a notary, Study No. N ° V5611-Certificate 5000 Tiers 25946. Result: extremely effective and animal-friendly.
  • Testing of combing speeds and comparison with other tools is performed in the same way under supervision. Measured after 2 minutes and 5 minutes, the result: incomparably higher efficiency. The recording can be seen on video on the manufacturer's website.
  • Approved by specialists and veterinarians.
  • Awarded by the Mercure d´or Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris in 2008.
  • The best-selling brand in Europe.
  • In the country of origin France alone, 300,000 units were sold in 2009 alone.

For more information, see Foolee® Precision Combs

Recommended accessories for the Foolee Air vacuum cleaner

A practical attachment for a vacuum cleaner, into which any of the Foolee combs (all sizes) can be inserted and which will ensure both perfect hair combing, including dust removal, and will also allow combing at home without hair and clutter.