Electronic training collar d-control 510 mini

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Impulse (0-30), Booster, Sound, Range 500m, Per 1 dog with option 2, Waterproof receiver, External remote control More information

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Electronic training collar d-control 510 thanks to the size of stimulation impulses suitable for all breeds of dogs and is designed primarily for training basic commands, with a range of up to 500 m. However, depending on the size of the receiver, we recommend it for medium and large breeds. This model comes standard with an external remote control.

The transmitter has a sound function , a pacing pulse with a level of 0 - 30 and an adjustable continuous pulse ( booster function), where you can set any intensity of the pacing pulse before you have selected the pacing pulse button. Transmission and low battery are shown on the backlit display.

The intensity of correction pulses in the mini models is weaker compared to the d-control collars, but also sufficient for medium and large breeds with average sensitivity in standard situations. It may not be enough to solve crisis situations in resistant breeds.

External control is a very useful accessory for transmitters, it allows you to quickly press one button to activate the selected pacing pulse in the receiver. The button is located at the end of a 140 cm long cable, which is connected to the transmitter with a connector.

Models equipped with this accessory are especially suitable for professional sports and hunting dog training, but it is also possible to use them, for example, when running, cycling or horseback riding. External control (one touch) can only activate the pacing pulse function in the receiver, other functions can be activated by pressing a button on the transmitter.


Package contents D-control 510:

  • waterproof receiver with plastic blue strap (75 cm)
  • external remote control (one touch, 140 cm)
  • remote control with belt clip
  • plastic case
  • glow test
  • 1x CR2 3V battery, 2 x AA pencil batteries - (average endurance in the receiver is 6 months, in the controller 12 months)
  • contact points 12 and 17 mm
  • cord for hanging the transmitter on the neck
  • DVD Dog training using an electronic training collar
  • instructions in the Czech language
  • certificate - warranty extension for 3 years


General features of D-control 510:

  • the receiver measures 61 × 40 × 31 mm and weighs only 44 g
  • perfectly waterproof receiver
  • External control allows you to activate a selected pacing pulse in the receiver by pressing one button quickly. The button is located at the end of a 140 cm long cable, which is connected to the transmitter with a connector.
  • the receiver has a built-in magnetic ON / OFF system - the receiver is switched on or off by simply attaching the transmitter to the receiver
  • checking the state of batteries at the receiver and transmitter (flashing red - green on the receiver, appears on the display)
  • separate button for audio signal transmission
  • optional setting of pacing pulse level (0-30)
  • Battery life is up to 12 months depending on usage
  • backlit LCD display to show the amount of pacing pulse, transmission and battery discharge
  • possibility to use for training two dogs at once - there is a button to switch dog 1 and 2
  • range up to 500 m in the open
  • contact points for long-haired and short-haired dogs
  • the transmitters have a clip for hanging on a belt
  • the transmitter measures 119 x 53 x 28 mm and weighs 88 g without battery and antenna
  • allows to activate the stimulation pulse without manipulating the transmitter using external control


With Dogtrace training collars it is very easy and fast to teach a dog:

  • walking at the foot without a leash
  • reliable summoning (commands "to me", "to the leg")
  • interruption of unwanted activity ("yikes", "you must not")
  • teaching bad habits in everyday coexistence with people, eg taking food from the table, jumping on people, raking, unwanted barking, etc.
  • precise training of practically every operation, when the dog must perform it accurately and reliably, as if he were on a leash - while eliminating the dependence on the line. The dog knows very well when he is on the line and adapts his behavior to it
  • learning from the pursuit of game and moving away from your master in nature - and thus exposing yourself to the problems and dangers associated with it. It provides more freedom for your dog, who can move with the collar completely freely even where it would not otherwise be possible or safe.
  • special activities and commands for service, hunting, sports or other training, use directly during hunting to communicate with your dog.


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Návod k obsluze - D-control 510 mini 1.05 MB Download file

Range: 500 m

Watertightness of the receiver (collar): Yes (the dog can also swim with a collar)

Waterproof transmitter (controller): No

Function: Impulse, Booster, Sound

Number of pulses: 0-29

Adjustable belt circumference: 0-75 cm

Receiver size: 61 × 40 × 31 mm

Weight of the receiver without battery: 44 g

Average battery life of the receiver: 6 months

Average battery life in the controller: 12 months

Number of dogs: 1 with option 2

External control of the remote transmitter: Yes

Color: Black

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