Electronic invisible fence D-fence 101

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Complete set for 100m. Thanks to the electronic invisible fence, your dog will very quickly learn to respect the boundaries of the defined space and will move freely only in places where there is no danger. More information

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Thanks to the electronic invisible fence, your dog will very quickly learn to respect the boundaries of the defined space and will move freely only in places where there is no danger.

The electronic invisible fence d-fence consists of a transmitter, receiver and antenna, here it is a simple insulated wire. The transmitter generator generates a signal to the antenna wire, with which you delimit the selected area with a warning and correction zone. A receiver attached to the dog's collar senses a signal propagating from the installed antenna wire, if the dog crosses the boundary of the first (warning) band, the receiver will begin to emit an intermittent beep. If the dog does not respond to the audible warning and exceeds the limit of the second (correction) band, the receiver emits an audible signal and a correction pulse at the same time. The intensity of the stimulation pulse, as well as the width of the correction and warning zones, can be easily adjusted . The number of dogs with the receiver attached to the collar is not limited. The collar is compact and waterproof and due to its low weight and ergonomic design, it can be used for all breeds of dogs.

D-fence 101 is a complete set for 100m - about the delivery:

  • 100 m of antenna wire with a cross section of 0.75 mm 2
  • generator
  • power adapter
  • magnet with neck cord
  • notch connectors 2 pcs
  • receiver with woven belt (75 cm)
  • contact points 12 and 17 mm
  • lithium battery CR2 3V
  • glow test
  • instructions and instructional DVD
  • certificate for 3 years warranty

Example of installation of an invisible D-fence

The electronic systems of the generator and collar use modern technology based on single-chip microprocessors. The device is suitable for any type of terrain, it can be very easily installed using common tools. For the invisible fence system to work, the wire must be connected to the transmitter and form an unbroken loop of wire (avoid damaging it). From the transmitter, unwind the wire around the plot. The wire can be placed on the ground, shallowly buried (max. 10 cm deep) or attached to an existing fence or wall (in this case up to a height of 30 cm above the ground). The standard package includes 100 m of antenna wire. If you need more than 100 m, you can buy another package from us and then connect the wire with the help of notch connectors (2 notch connectors are part of the basic package). If you want the dog to be able to pass freely through a certain place on your property, through which you have to guide the wire, wind the outgoing wire around the incoming one, twisting the wires around each other causes the emitted waves and the dog can move freely through this place. The voltage in the antenna does not exceed 12 V, so there is no danger even if the wire is interrupted. For better orientation, it is possible to mark the defined area with targets.

Advantages of the invisible d-fence:

  • very easy and fast installation (fence can be functional within 1 hour)
  • cheap and very variable variant of fencing the land - if necessary, you can change the fencing in a moment according to current requirements (delimitation of the pool, flower beds, rock garden, entrance door to the house, etc.)
  • the fence is "invisible", ie. that it does not disturb the view of the surroundings, nor aesthetically disturb the garden, it can complement the existing fence, which the dog still overcomes (jumps, digs, bites)…)
  • you can keep any number of dogs in the designated area

Transmitting generator

  • 1st zone (warning): continuously adjustable in the range of 0.4 to 5 meters
  • 2nd band (correction): continuously adjustable in the range of 0.3 to 1.5 meters
  • wire: low-impedance copper insulated 0.75 to 2.5 mm2, length max. 1200 meters
  • power supply: adapter 230 V / 50 Hz, 15 V / 100 mA
  • limited area: 9 ha
  • dimensions 152 x 119 x 42 (L x W x H)


  • dimensions: 34 x 43 x 64 mm
  • weight: 60 g (without battery and electrodes)
  • power supply: lithium battery CR2 3V
  • battery life: 6 months in standby mode
  • adjustable neck circumference: 18 to 70 cm
  • waterproof , reliable in any mode (the dog can swim with a collar)
  • the intensity of the stimulation pulse can be set on the collar in eight levels
  • ISIT function allows to detect the occurrence and intensity of interfering signals in places where you plan to install the antenna wire and thus prevent possible problems with the proper functioning of the d-fence device

Installation length - recommended wire cross section:

  • up to 400 m - 0.75 mm
  • 400 m - 600 m - 1 mm
  • 600 m - 900 m - 1.5 mm
  • 900 m - 1200 m - 2.5 mm (for model D-fence 1001)
  • 900 m - 2200 m - 2.5 mm (for model D-fence 202)


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