Dumbbell light WITH Pink

Beautifully light dumbbell for fetch training, not only during obedience training. Literally a bite! The foam is great because it makes no noise when the barbell falls - which will be welcomed by neighbors and more sensitive hairs. More information

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Dumbbell and its grip, or straight delivery, is an important element especially in obedience.
The dog's concentration is trained, because the dog should not chew on the barbell in any way, but hold it firmly.

- Extra light barbell, does not make such a noise on impact.
- Printed on a 3D printer.
- Proudly made in Jizerky, Czech Republic.

The product is intended for dogs (and their people). It is not a toy, but a training aid.
So never leave the dog's teeth unattended and do not let the dog bite into the sides, there is a risk of injury.


Center bar length: 10.5 cm
Side height: 6.5 cm
Weight: 65 g
Center rod length: 13 cm
Side height: 10 cm
Weight: 130 g
Center rod length: 15 cm
Side height: 13 cm
Weight: 230 g